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How to Get A Refurbished Concept 2 Rowing Machine

I put together this post to answer the common question I keep on getting, which is, “can I buy a refurbished Concept 2 rowing machine”?

The answer is….


Read on below and I’ll detail how you can get your hands on a refurbished rower. It’s a great way to save cash on a great piece of workout equipment!

Buying A Refurbished Concept 2 Rower

I was curious as to how I could get a factory refurbed piece of Concept 2 equipment, so I reached out to their customer support team directly.

Here’s what they had to say:


refurbished concept 2 rowing machine


From this email, I gathered that yes you can get a refurbed Concept 2 rower, but…. it’s difficult unless you live by their manufacturing facility.

Concept 2 only sells refurbed equipment out of its warehouse facility, which means that it’s pickup only.

Unless you live near Morrisville, Vermont…. It’s probably going to be difficult to get your hands on a refurb model.

Morrisville, Vermont

For reference, Morrisville is about a 5 and a half hour drive away from New York City.

Other Ways To Save on A Concept 2 Rower

Thankfully going the refurbished route isn’t the only path forward for getting a great deal on a Concept 2 machine.

If you’re looking for a Model D rower (for instance), there’s plenty of ways that you can save.

My top tip is to look for one on your local secondhand market. In fact, I put together an entire blog post on how to buy a used Concept 2 rower on Craigslist.

Feel free to read through that article to learn how to buy a used rower.

If all else fails, you really can’t go wrong with picking up a brand new rower from Amazon.

I recommend for people to buy from Amazon because it includes fast, free shipping + you can return it if need be. Plus, they have the best price.

You can check out the lowest prices on Concept 2 rowers here.

Closing Thoughts:

Good luck with your rowing, I wish you all the best as you look to increase your conditioning and improve your body!

Keep rowing.