How To Use A Rowing Machine

Using the proper body mechanics and the right techniques while roing is imperative to avoid muscle injury or back strain. The correct way to use a rowing machine involves different phases, inclduing the catch, drive, finis, and the recovery.

Vefore starting to use your rowing machine, or any other type of exercise equipment, always be sure to warm up by stretching first to protect your muscles.

How To Row On A Rowing Machine

Step One: Starting Out

With the heels firmly in place and resting in the footrests with the straps around your feet, using an overhand grip hold onto the handles and extend the arms straight out toward the flywheel. Sliding forward until the calves are in the vertical position, leaning forward just slightly at the hips.

Step Two: Drive Phase

Extend the legs, pushing off the footrests, keeping the arms and back straight. Straighten the knees while gradually bending the arms as the upper body leans slightly backward.

Step Three: Finish Position

With the elbows bent, the handles should be pulled in toward the abdomen, extend the legs, leaning back very slightly at the hips.

Step Four: Recovery Phase

Straighten the elbows, which extends the arms and returns the rowing machine’s handles toward the flywheel. As the torso leans forward starting at the hips to follow the fluid movement of the arms, the knees should bein to bend gradually as you slide forward on the seat, returning to the start position.

Step Five: Catch Phase

Much like the start position, the catch phase involves extending the arms straight, with the wrists flat, and sliding forward until the lower legs get vertical. While leaning forward slightly at the hips, you are now in the position to begin the next stroke.

Helpful Rowing machine Tips and Techniques:

If you have found yourself wondering “how do I use a rowing machine properly?”, follow these five simple tips and techniques for rowing to make the most of your workout, and to prevent possible injury:

  1. Exhale as you pull the handles toward you, and inhale as you then return back to the starting position.
  2. Remember to always keep your chin away from your chest to ensure you are breathing properly and getting as much air as possible.
  3. Avoid muscle strain by focusing on the arms and legs doing the work, and not the back
  4. When using a rowing machine for the first time, 10 minutes a day is the recommended maximum amount of time for the first week. Add time as your strength and endurance build.
  5. As with any type of exercise, always check with your doctor before starting a rowing machine exercise regimen, particularly if you have cardiovascular or back problems. While the rowing machine does in fact provide a good workout for those with lower back problems, using the wrong technique or the wrong form may actually do more harm than good.