What Is A Rowing Machine?


A rowing machine or an indoor rower is an exercise machine that you use the way you would on  an actual rowboat. It has different mechanisms and parts that allow you to paddle forward and back, the seat sliding in the manner your boat would were it in the water.

Rowing machines are used by sport rowers to train for competition even without access to a boat or a rower. Indoor rowers are therefore highly prized for their convenience for athletes. Recently, indoor rowing has become a competitive sport in its own right.

Rowing machines are also used by non-professionals and is a popular form of exercise because it develops most muscle groups, and more importantly, burns a lot of calories while being a low impact activity.

Benefits of a Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is easily the best fitness machine you can buy because it will give you a full body workout: you get to burn calories and build muscle at the same time: In fact, you can build several muscles in your body in one session.

With each stroke, you get to exercise your back, abs, upper body, and lower body too. Unlike an actual rowboat on the water, you legs will have more to do on a rowing machine because the seat slides forward and back with every stroke.

Those who exercise with other fitness machines tend to favor one extremity over the other, resulting in overall large arms and back, but small legs, and vice versa. The rowing machine lets you work out both extremities at the same time, keeping your body very much in proportion.

Another important benefit of using a rowing machine is that it is kind to your body, unlike other fitness machines out there. Your legs are in a full motion when using a rowing machine, but they do not bang heavily on hard, punishing surfaces, making indoor rowing a low impact exercise.

This means great protection and care for your knees and ankles.

Since you will be in constant motion, you will be losing a lot of weight while toning the right muscles. Aside form burning calories, and unwanted fat, you will give your heart a good workout too.

Many also advocate the powerful benefits of exercising with a rowing machine for your mind. The rhythmic movements of the indoor rower have a calming effect on the brain, eating any stress that worked itself into you body along the way.

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Although the rowing machine is a superb fitness machine, you will have to know the proper way to use on, and just like in any exercise regimen, you will need to learn the right techniques, including how to position your back to avoid cramping and back pain, and the right breathing methods to get the most out of your workout.

Once you get the hang of it, it is actually quite easy. It is just a matter of not bending too far forward or leaning too far backwards to get the right angle, and sometimes, you just have to remember to breathe.