The Best Rower For Beginners

When it comes to getting in shape during the stay-at-home orders this year, it’s been quite the challenge for many of us.

Gyms are closed.

Weights and other fitness machines are hard to get ahold of.

Which has left running and bodyweight workouts as the only optino available for amny.

However, these aren’t great options for everyone. Running has a jarring imapct that can be difficult, and damaging, for many.

Bodyweight exercises have slow progressions and can quickly get repetiive.

In my mind, the solution is to get a rowing machine!

Rowers are low impact, and have the double stimulus of helping to build muscle AND burn fat (via cardio). You can read more on my article about the benefits of rowing here.

So where should you start?

Read on below…

What’s The Best Machine To Get Started With?

Normally I’d reccomend the Concept 2 model D here, however, that machine has been sold out all year. It’s nearly impossbile to get your hands on one of their machines, and if you do manage, you’re paying well over retail.

So I’m now reccomeing a new rower.

Enter, the Hydrow!

Similar to Peloton for indoor trainer bikes, Hydrow is an indoor rower with a built in trainer. You’ll row along with professinoal crew members that will teach you the ins-and-outs of proper form.

This will help to keep you injury free on your fitness journey – which is a key part of the puzzle, you can’t get fitter when you’re hurt.

Additionally, the build in screen on the Hydrow will also give you access to live classes, which have coaching + other online friends to race against.

Having a social, competitive feature is actually a huge benefit as it helps to encourage you to get that class in (even when you’re tired).

So, to quickly summarize, I recommend the Hydrow.

Give it a shot – and start getting fit today!

Row on.

-Coach D