Buying A New Rowing Machine

If you line up for a gym just to use the rowing machine, you know that you are either lucky to get a free one before somebody beats you to it, or you in for a long wait.

If this frustrates you, have you considered buying a new rowing machine of your own?

Finding the right rowing machine for you is actually quite easy but there are things to consider.

First of all, figure out where you are going to set it up in your home – a rowing machine is easily six feet long and you will need space to move without knocking things over. Then you can look for the kind of rowing machine you would like to get.

You can go to your local fitness equipment store and look at the models they have, which is a good idea because you can most probably try them out and get a good feel for the product. However, you are limited to only the products that they have in stock.

You can check out different online stores for options as well as for user reviews to narrow down your choices. If you like the one at your gym, you can look online for similar rowing machines. Of course it is always better if you are able to sample the product, because when buying a new rowing machine, it is an absolute must to get one with a comfortable seat.

The best towing machine is one you can sit on for a very long period of time and will want to sit on for years to come. If it is too hard and numbs your buttocks, or if you find you cannot sit properly and exercise with your back not properly aligned, or if the machine is too small for your body frame, it is sadly not money well spent.

How much you are willing to spend is actually a factor in the kind of rowing machine you will get. Hydraulic resistance rowers are the most inexpensive kind but also the least popular. They do not allow a larger range of motion and you might feel that you are not getting all you can with each session with a hydraulic rowing machine, but they are less costly and easy to store, being foldaway types.

Air resistance rowing machines are the mod-range rowers and feel like you are rowing on actual water due to the better resistance than hydraulic machines. However, air resistance rowing machines have been found to be noisy.

Magnetic rowing machines are therefore much more quiet and offer better resistance, but are also more expensive. The new Water Resistance rowing machines which simulate actual watercraft rowing and favored by actual water rowing athletes are also more expensive for their wide range of designs

If you have narrowed your selection down to a few choices, here is another tp to buying a new rowing machine: check out the warranty. How easily available is it to get replacement parts and any other refund policies that the machine may have.

Some well known brands that produce good quality rowing machines are Concept II, Stamina, WaterRower, Tunturi, Carl Lewis, and Kettler.

Buying the best rowing machine exercise equipment is a big investment – make sure it is well worth it.